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Dielectric Tubing
(12 pages) Gives engineering data and general descriptions on 14 different types of dielectric tubing including kraft, fiber, phenolic, "Nomex", "Mylar", heat-shrinkable and high temperature. Details suggested use for each material.
Insulating Material Guide
(4 pages) Gives a concise explanation of the 11 most important materials used in dielectric insulating tubing. Detail temperature classification and difference in chart form as well as basic cost comparisons.

Nomex® Thermoform 700 Insulating Tubing & Bobbins
(2 pages) "Nomex" is a DuPont product that, when wound into an insulating tube with appropriate binders, offers superior high temperature resistance and high dielectric strength in insulating tubing and bobbins.
Heat Shrink Mylar® Tubing
(2 pages) Here's a tubing that is heat shrinkable as much as 50% of its diameter, has a dielectric strength of 3,000 VPM and a temperature range up to +150°C. Available in almost any length and diameter for a wide variety of applications.

Kapton® Thermoform 1000 Insulating Tubing
(2 pages) Tubing made from DuPont's "Kapton" material provide the benefits of extremely high dielectric strength (7,000 VPM) and extremely wide temperature ranges (-269 to +400°C), along with extremely strong tear resistance.
Resinite Phenolic Impregnated Tubing & Bobbins
(4 pages) Low cost, high strength dielectric tubing. Vacuum impregnated and baked to offer special, high quality characteristics for electrical and mechanical applications. 5 grades including flame retardant.

Resinite Coil Forms with Terminals
(2 pages) Resinite phenolic impregnated forms, with or without collars, are available with terminals attached according to specifications. Gives the engineering data and various terminals and lugs that can be applied. Available embossed for threaded cores.
Flame Retardant Products
(8 pages) Four different, spirally wound, flame- retardant materials are described along with six flame-retardant materials for molded parts. Contains the most up to date information available in one form on these important materials.

(2 pages) The heat forming and sealing qualities of polyethylene have been combined with the high dielectric strength of "Mylar" to provide covers and jackets for capacitors, resistors and other electric items.
(52 pages) Presents the most complete selection of winding arbors ever compiled. Details the facts you need to know when ordering spiral wound, dielectric tubing. Shows how even stock arbors can be modified to produce the exact size you need.

(2 pages) 21 different materials can be punched, formed, drilled, drawn, scored, sawed and cut to produce fabricated parts including insulators, shields, spacers, covers, standoffs, liners, separators, rollers, bushings, gaskets, flanges, etc.
(30 pages) Here's the widest selection of standard bobbin flange die sizes available in the industry. Includes square, rectangular and round bobbins. Shows how to figure correct bobbin sizes. Lists various materials for flanges and cores.

(8 pages) Contains basic information on fabricated and molded bobbins. Lists materials for each along with basic data. Describes various bobbin manufacturing details and bobbin configurations. Shows some of Precision's extensive bobbin manufacturing facilities.
(4 pages) Describes Precision's complete facilities for molding bobbins, coil forms, covers and many other products used in the electrical industry. Lists a complete range of dielectric resins and details basic information about each.

(8 pages) Details different basic coil forms that can fulfill a wide variety of IF, RF and audio functions. Take standard ferrite and/or iron cores. Available in either flame-retardant polypropylene of 6/12 Nylon with anti-oxidant. May be ordered with lugs.
(2 pages) A new thermoplastic resin pushes the heat resistance characteristics of molded insulating parts up to 500°F (260°C). Details two glass filled formulations. No known solvents below 375-400°F.

(2 pages) Contains basic information on fabricated electrical insulating bobbins. Lists materials for each along with basic data.