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Combining Tubing Materials

Many of the materials listed in this catalog may be combined to provide a tube with specific requirements not available in a single material. Some of the more useful combinations and their suggested applications are shown below. We will be glad to work with you in developing a combination for your particular use.

Mylar-Kraft: The high dielectric strength of Mylar is combined with the low cost and mechanical strength of kraft.

Fish Lined-Kraft: The higher strength and good abrasion resistance of vulcanized fiber (fish paper) along with the filling ability of kraft, provides an excellent core where metal laminations are inserted into the inside of the tube.

Resinite-Mylar:A Mylar lined Resinite tube that is threaded by embossing, provides a smooth surface for iron cores. Due to the low coefficient of friction the core will not bind. Resinite provides an excellent low cost tubing of high mechanical strength. Mylar can also be buried in a Resinite tube.

Metal Foil-Kraft:Low cost light shields and light reflectors can be produced from a combination of metal foil, such as aluminum, and kraft.

Metal Foil-Mylar:Copper foil is wound within layers of Mylar, or other specified material, to provide an electrical ground plane. A combination of other metals and other tubing materials may also be combined for specific uses.

Molded-Phenolic: Molded coil forms can have an insert of Resinite phenolic tubing so that soldering of attached lugs poses no problem.

Pyroform 310 Kraft:Dielectric kraft is buried between layers of Pyroform-310 to provide a high temperature tube along with the mechanical strength of kraft. Entire tube may be resin impregnated after fabrication.

Nomex-Kraft:The high temperature properties of Nomex are combined with the mechanical strength of dielectric kraft.

Nomex-ResiniteFor even higher mechanical strength, Nomex is combined with Resinite phenolic impregnated tubing. And for a completely flame retardant tube, Nomex can be combined with FR-9120 Resinite. In most cases, the Nomex is wound on the outside of the tube.