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Custom Tubing Capabilities
All products manufactured by Precision are custom produced to the customer's specifications.  Precision has the in-depth experience and the equipment to fabricate insulating tubing in a variety of shapes and forms.  Thousands of arbors are available in a wide range of sizes and specific sizes can be made at minimum cost.  Tubing can be punched, notched, slit, cut, rolled, flared and shaped on Precision's automatic machinery.  Terminals can be added in a variety of types either on the form itself or on separate collars.

Tubing Material Choices
Name Temperature Dielectric Strength
Class O, 90°C. 165 VPM min.
Class A, 105° C. 300 VPM min.
Class O to A, 90° to 105° C. 165 VPM
Class A, 105° C. 290 VPM min.*
Class A, 105° C. 250 VPM min.
Class H, 220° C. 720 VPM
220° C. 150 VPM
-269° C. to 400° C 7,000 VPM*
-60° C. to -150° C 7,500 VPM*
-60° C. to 150° C 3,000 VPM min.
Class A, 105° C. 350 VPM
® Dupont Registered Trademark
* (Depending on Formulation)
See our Materials Comparisons page to determining the right material for your application.