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Fabricated Parts
Extensive equipment, over 70 years of experience, knowledgeable personnel and in-depth stock of dielectric insulating materials, give us the ability to turn out fabricated insulating parts to your exacting specifications.  Whether the part you require is produced from a flat piece of material or from a circular, or tubular form we can manufacture the intricate shapes and conformations for Insulators, Washers, Gaskets, Protectors, Switch Covers, Shields, Spacers, Bushings, Flanges, Discs, Grommets, Dust & Fuse Covers, Light Shields, Standoffs, Chart Rollers, Liners, Separators, Shims, all at minimum cost.

Insulators • Washers • Gaskets • Protectors • Switch Covers • Shields • Spacers • Bushings • Flanges • Discs • Grommets • Dust Covers • Light Shields • Standoffs • Fuse Covers • Chart Rollers • Liners • Separators • Shims

Standard Molded Coil Forms

Low cost...
large, multi-cavity molds offer the economies and the quality of standardized mass production.

One piece, precision molded... stable . . . no diameter changes when wound . . . low moisture absorption.

Stock dies available... no special tooling required. . . low cost forms are shipped promptly. .

Fits standard layout... interchangeable with most coil forms in standard size printed circuit hole layouts.

Dimensionally stable... extremely accurate dies offer close tolerances in finished piece. . . low moisture absorption keeps dimensions accurate.

Uniform torque properties... self-tapping, precision ribs produce uniform tuning core torque.

Lugged or unlugged... available for lugging In your plant or ours... most lug configurations available without tooling.

Easily shielded... shield can, if used, may be placed over form with lugs of can Inserted directly Into PC board.

Wide design flexibility... variable Inductors can be designed in an almost limitless range of electrical characteristics.
Can Type
Available Materials: Long term heat aging polypropylene.
Part No. "X" Length Standoffs
5050-1 1.000" None
5051-1 1.000" Width
5050-2 1.469" None
5051-2 1.469" Width
Lugging: Available, as shown .012 tinned brass lugs in choice of positions.
Core: Designed for 10-32 thread (.181 dia x .375 long.)
"T" Forms
Available Materials: 6/12 Nylon with anti-oxidant.
Part No. "X" Length "A" Diam. Core Size "C" Diam. Pin Circle
210-5 .69 .283 1/4-28 .580 .480
210-6 1.50 .283 1/4-28 .580 .480
210-8 2.00 .283 1/4-28 .580 .480
206-2 .78 .223 10-32 .460 .375
206-3 1.12 .223 10-32 .460 .375
206-4 1.50 .223 10-32 .460 .375
Lugging: Available, as shown, with .012 tinned brass lugs in choice of positions.
Available Materials: Flame-retardant (FR) or long term heat aging (LTHA) polypropylene
Part No. "A" Diam. "B" Length Core Size Material
FR-2516 .290 2.00 1/4-28 (FR)
LT-2516 .290 2.00 1/4-28 (LTHA)
RF-1812 .220 1.50 10-32 (FR)
LT-1812 .220 1.50 10-32 (LTHA)
RF-1812-1 .220 .90 10-32 (FR)
LT-1812-1 .220 .90 10-32 (LTHA)
Lugging: A3610, A3620, A3611, A3618, A3767, A3787
Available Materials:
Flame Retardant (FR) or long term heat aging (LTHA) polypropylene.

See drawing above for sizes.  Prefix FR for flame-retardant polypropylene or LT for long term heat aging polypropylene.


A3610, A3620, A36611, A3618, A3767, A3787
Available Lugs
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