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Thermoform - 500 Molded Insulating Parts
In its constant search for new materials, Precision's engineers are pleased to announce a new engineering thermoplastic for electrical and electronic uses. This new material breakthrough, polyphenylene sulfide*, pushes the heat resistance characteristics of molded insulating parts up to 500F (260C). Thermoform-500 is now the best replacement for thermosetting resins which result in higher output and lower cost.

Besides its high thermal stability, Thermoform-500 has excellent chemical resistance. There are no known solvents below 375-400F. It can be employed at temperatures as high as 600F for prolonged periods of time. Both formulations are non-burning by ASTM tests and have an Underwriter's Classification of 94V-0.

Precision has extensive in-house molding capability to meet your needs. Parts with diameters up to 18" can be accommodated. Tooling can be accomplished in minimal time and at competitive costs. Precision's extensive experience in molding insulating parts can help you produce your requirements.
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