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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we make plain paper, cardboard, or mailing tubes?

    A. No, we are a custom manufacturer of dielectric insulating tubing and bobbins.
  • Do we carry stock and have catalogs with pricing to send?

    A. Because we do everything for our customers based on their specifications, we do not carry any "in stock" items nor have any pricing that is set up front. We would be glad to provide you with a quotation based on your specific needs. Feel free to contact us or go to our "Quote" page.
  • Can Precision send me samples of the tube I am looking for?

    A. We have from time to time sent out samples if the quote we provide is what you're looking for but it would be on a case-by-case basis. Email us your needs and we'll do our best to accommodate you!
  • Do we make Fiberglass tubes (or T255 tubes or mica tubes)?

    A. For a number of reasons we no longer manufacture fiberglass tubing. We feel a much better substitute material is either Nomex® (if temperature is your priority) or Phenolic (if strength is your priority).
  • Do we make tubes in various colors or can they be striped?

    A. It is possible in some cases but it depends on the material.
  • Can we put part numbers or manufactured dates on tubes?

    A. It is not a general practice for us, but since we do customize all our products to your specifications, we'll do our best to accommodate you.
  • Are you able to manufacture tubes using my materials?

    A. Normally our machines are set up to use the materials we have on hand but email us your request and we'll let you know if it's possible.
  • Do you manufacture convolute tubes?

    A. Absolutely!
  • Can you combine materials?

    A. Yes, many of our materials can be combined.
  • Can holes or slits be drilled in our tubes and can you provide that service to me?

    A. It depends on the custom order you want and what particular material, but normally it is something that we should be able to accommodate.
  • What is the cost difference in your various materials?

    A. Basic cost comparison is in our "Guide to Insulating Materials for Tubing & Bobbins", but as a reference Kraft is the least expensive, while Kapton® is the most expensive.
  • Can you price quote on just "Arbor #____" ?

    A. We would prefer to quote only on the finished size of the tube you need.
  • I am interested in your products. Can you email me one of your catalogs?

    All our current catalog brochures are available on this web site in PDF format (or can be mailed to you by request) through our "Literature" page, (Adobe Acrobat required for viewing).
  • Can you ship my order COD or accept Credit Card transactions?

    A. Unfortunately this is not supported at this particular time.
  • Are there local representatives that can call on me or that I can call in my area?

    A. Most of our sales staff is inside due to the custom nature of our business. Though we do have some outside sales representation.
  • Do you have representation for China, Japan, India etc.?

    A. Please contact our customer service department for more assistance.

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