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Heat Shrinkable Mylar ®

General Description

Heat Shrinkable Mylar ® is a superior, high dielectric insu­lating tubing that is shrinkable as much as 50% in order to provide an immovable, tight fit. Temperature requirements are approximately 90°C. for shrinking purposes with a heat cycle as short as 1 second. May be shrunk by various methods such as heat guns, boil­ing water, electrical coil heaters or in ovens.

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Material Properties* :
Dielectric strength- VPM min:  3,000
Service Temperature Range - °C:  -60 to +150
Melting Point - °C:  above 245
Dielectric Constant:  3.5 to 3.9
* As provided by producer. Based on 65 gauge film.
Mylar ® is a DuPont Registered Trademark



Additional Information

Advantages: Heat shrinkable Mylar ® tubing has a dielectric strength far exceeding other shrinkable materials. It is extremely tough and forms an excel­lent mechanical barrier. It can be used at both low and high temperatures. It is moisture & vapor resistant and is unaffected by oils, greases and volatile aromatics.

Minimum Wall Thickness: .002"

Suggested Uses: Capacitor covers, RF & IF coil insu­lation, varnish masking, roller covers, lead binding & holding, battery covers, color coding, insulation between coils, sleeving insulation over wire leads, protective coverings.


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